Our security service guarantees professional indoor and outdoor protection of your entrusted facilities: administrative premises, banks, hotels, industrial objects…

What does our service cover:

  • Creating individual security concepts on our clients' demand
  • Consulting security service
  • Outdoor security of a facility
  • Indoor security of business premises
  • Entry and exit control of employees and visitors, identity check and record keeping
  • Control of vehicles (entry-exit)
  • Security control of buildings or business premises from fire
  • Security escorts for various events

Technical Support:

  • Monitoring video systems, CCTV systems
  • Own car pool
  • Individual security and consulting services
  • Planning, security equipment installation and servicing
  • Entrance control equipment
  • Alarm system for burglary prevention in apartment or facility
  • Entrance door system for detecting perimeter barriers
  • Alarm warning system

Method of Performance:

  • 24 hours
  • professionally

Equipment and Personnel:

  • Highly trained and licensed personnel
  • Long-term international experience
  • Professional trained controllers