Professional cleaning

What does our service cover:

  • Creating cleaning schedules on our clients' demand
  • Maintaining the hygiene in administrative area
  • Maintaining the hygiene in residential buildings and entrances
  • Maintaining the hygiene of industrial facilities
  • Maintaining the hygiene in hospitals
  • Maintaining the hygiene in schools
  • Cleaning windows and shop windows
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning and renovation of all types of hard and soft floor areas
  • Floor impregnating
  • One-time spring cleaning after painting and construction works

How to Obtain Optimum Hygiene:

  • Choosing the right products for maintaining the hygiene
  • Proper dosage and use of the cleaning products
  • Use of ecological non harmful cleaning products
  • Continuous training of employees
  • Professional supervision

Equipment and Personnel:

  • Up-to-date equipment and cleaning machines
  • Own car pool
  • Professional supervision
  • Site Managers
  • Professional advice from international consultant companies

Method of Performance:

  • By our employees or taking over employees from the previous employer
  • By a person permanently engaged at the facility or engagement of mobile teams
  • On-call flexibility