The employees are the ones that build company’s future. We are focused to attract, employ, develop and motivate the best professionals, to create highest values for our employees as a high-standard company which is a leader in creating and meeting the needs of our clients.

The success of the company comes from the top-notch services, but also from our employees. We create conditions and possibilities for development of the employees individually, but also as a team. We are dedicated to the development, training and support of the employees by facing the working post challenges and realizing company’s strategic aims. We strive for complete usage of the knowledge acquired from the trainings and their application in practice. The professional training of our employees is in great part realized in the parent company, in Republic of Austria.

We are proud to be able to commend our loyal employees, professionals in their line of work. We care about our employees, respecting their individuality and differences, their integrity and their efforts.

Through the professional development and on-the-job training we succeeded in building a team that successfully manages the everyday market challenges, team that can lead the company to realize higher goals and our vision to be your long-term partner.