The company SECURICOM is trading partner and authorized service agent of the products of the company Alfred Kärcher GmbH since 2005.

Kärcher is the world leader in sales, development and production of various machines and cleaning systems for professional and home use, which delivers innovative technology, efficiency and cost-efficiency, high quality, practical and appealing design and of course durability and long service life.

The production program of Kärcher includes cleaning machines with high-pressure water, water cleaners, vacuum cleaners, household cleaning with dry ice, steam cleaners, sweepers, floor cleaning machinery etc.

In order to get the motto of the company Kärcher

Kärcher–makes a difference
close to the consumers in Macedonia, we offer our
customers continuous support, service, genuine spare parts,
accessories, and expert advice from trained Austrian technicians.

Extremely satisfied and loyal customers of Kärcher products in Macedonia are a number of companies from different industries:

  • automotive industry
  • construction industry
  • agriculture
  • catering industry
  • medicine
  • hygiene maintenance of business, commercial and residential buildings.